Jay Critchley

  • Provincetown, MA
Moo Moo World 1620 by Jay Critchley

About Jay

Critchley first made his mark in public art in 1981 by parking a sand-encrusted car that, as he put it, “caused a sensation” for an entire summer in the MacMillan Wharf municipal parking lot in the center of Provincetown. It was his first project. “People said, ‘You are an artist.’ But it was just something I was compelled to do,”…

…Critchley is maybe most known for creating and organizing the annual Provincetown Swim For Life & Paddler Flotilla, run by his non-profit corporation, the Provincetown Community Compact.



  • Moo Moo World 1620

    Jay Critchley
    202023" x 30"